Girls Excel is a social impact organization that creates access to sexual and reproductive health education and feminine hygiene products for girls and young women in rural communities in Cameroon.

We exists to create communities in which the absence of sexual and reproductive health education  no longer hinder girls from pursuing their education and development.

At Girls Excel, we believe in designing programs that empower girls and young women and support them to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges facing rural communities.

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Girls Excel exists to support adolescent girls in Cameroon, to maintain academic excellence by giving access to reproductive health education and female sanitary products.


To create communities in which all girls in Cameroon experience safety and academically thrive in a system that upholds values for reproductive health education as part of human rights.


We are legally registered and recognized as a non-profit operating in Cameroon with registration No 404G37/D4 /VOLI/SAAJP

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