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Girls Excel kicks off Pollination Project in Limbe

Last week, within the framework of our ‘Girls Excel Mentoring’ (GEM) clubs, our volunteers had an interactive 1:45 minutes session with about 50 teenage girls of Kofele Luma Memorial Academy in Limbe, Cameroon thanks to funding from The Pollination Project. Our team and the girls had a frank and open conversation about Menstrual Hygiene Management while demystifying the taboo and shame associated with Menstrual Health.

The club activity also involved a session where both the club members and our team shared and exchanged their Menstrual health experiences/journey as well as a question and answer session. It was evident that we need to create an enabling environments at home and in school for these girls to ask honest questions about their reproductive health without being shamed. Most importantly, when parents and teachers fail to talk to teenage girls about their reproductive health, these girls turn to seek advice from their peers who usually lack the right information to give them.

At the end of the activities, the girls had many questions which were handled by our competent team of volunteers. We use this opportunity to thank the administration of Kofele Luma Memorial Academy for collaborating with us and making this project a reality in their school.

Youth Partnership Network is launched

Yesterday, the Pan African Institute of Development Buea hosted the first series of human rights seminars organised by Youth Partnership, a network of different organisations including Community Centre for Integrated Development, @Ayef, @Yalda-Paidwa, Vision in Action Cameroon, IBuild Africa and Girls Excel.

The event rallied together over 51 young people from different civil society and academic institutions in the South West Region to discuss the aim and objectives of human rights and how to localise the concept in Cameroon to capture the perspectives and contributions of young Cameroonians.

There were different presentations from the key note speaker prof Uwem Essia, who is the director of PAIDWA, Buea and those from the panel which included Barrister Clifford Akonteh, Mr Hasel Tanteh and our very own Ms Delphine Konda. These presentations highlighted the different human rights instruments available at the national, regional and international levels but stressed on the importance of implementation.Y

Pressing for Progress during International Women’s Day


This year’s edition of the International Women’s Day was celebrated under the theme #PressForProgress

Initiated by Ovamba Inc, Girls Excel in partnership with Community Development Network and La Perche organised a one day workshop with women to commemorate the event in Douala.

Taking place on the 8th of March 2018 at the La Perche Community Centre in Bonamikando, Bonaberi, the event brought together about 40 women to discuss issues on women’s health and economic empowerment.

Under the theme ‘ Women’s Empowerment Through Health and Entrepreneurship’, Girls Excel and partners held interactive and participatory sessions on Menstrual Hygiene Management especially for adolescent daughters.

The women equally mastered the different Sexual and Reproductive Health Education approaches that they can use to guide their adolescent daughters through puberty.

A team from Ovamba Inc engaged the women on entrepreneurship as a tool for women’s empowerment while sharing their daily experiences of working with women’s entrepreneurs at the grassroots level in different

parts of Cameroon through Ovamba Inc. An inspirational video from Viola Llewellyn, co-founder of Ovamba was also projected.

At the end of the day, all the women received books, and sanitary kits donated by Ovamba, Girls Excel and Community Development Network as support for the education of their daughters.

So far, we have received positive feedback from the women who participated in the event and we look forward to more interactive workshops with girls and women in the grassroots.

Girls Excel bracing the odds to promote reproductive health in Ndu

I just wanted to tell you how much I am using your teaching on Menstrual Hygiene Management to impact hundreds of girls here. Teaching at the Nkambe Field Youth camp last Thursday, where more than 70 girls were touched by the teachings emanating from a man. It was awesome and I thank God for Girls Excel – Koyoh Nformi

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Celebrating Menstrual Health Day in Cameroon

The 28th of May is commemorated every year as Menstrual Hygiene Day. The event was initiated by WASH United to serve as aneutral platform for bringing together individuals, organizations, social businesses and the media to create a united and strong voice for women around the world.

To commemorate this year’s edition of the event,  Girls Excel launched a new project called ‘Donate a Pad and Keep a Girl in  School’ to create access to sanitary towels for girls in rural communities and refugee camps in Cameroon. To promote reproductive health education and engage policy makers by advocating for a better menstrual health policy in Cameroon.  The first phase of the project was implemented in Mabeta Fishing Station-Limbe, South West Region of Cameroon on may 27th,2016 under the theme ‘Menstruation Matters to Everyone, Everywhere!

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, 50 girls benefitted from atleast 6 months supply of sanitary pads in this community. To know more about the event, download the Girls Excel Report_May 28th_Event  here and feel free to email us ( your feedback about the report in particular and our work in general.