We are a social impact organisation that provides innovative solutions to challenges threatening the human rights and overall wellbeing of adolescent girls and women in Cameroon.

Starting the conversation about Menstruation

Menstruation is still a taboo topic in our Cameroon society. This shouldn’t be the case. Menstruation is a vital part of girls and women’s lives. It is a natural aspect of girls lives that should be treated with respect and dignity because it is a human right. We are sharing this beautiful poster made by Menstrual Hygiene Day to help you understand why we are so passionate about this fundamental human rights issue.

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Donate A Pad & Keep A girl in School


What is it about?

In April 2016, Girls Excel launched a new campaign called ‘Donate a pad and keep a girl in school’. This ONGOING campaign kicked off in April with an appeal of support on social media to raise 500 packets of sanitary pads to be donated to girls in rural communities and refugee camps in Cameroon on May 28th which is Menstrual Hygiene Day.

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One day sensitisation with girls in Limbe

In celebration of the 31st edition of the International women’s day commemorated under the theme ‘Pledge for Parity’, Girls Excel organized a one day sensitization event that brought together 45 girls from two schools in Limbe, South West region of Cameroon. The girls who were from the Cameroon Baptist Main and Classical schools were between the ages of 8 and 11 years and in primary four, five and six.

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US embassy host screening event to celebrate womens month




Group picture during the women’s day event organized by the US embassy in Cameroon

Girls Excel participated in a documentary Film Screening and discussion of “A Single Step: Journeys of Women Leaders” to celebrate Women History Month. The event which took place on  March 10, 2016 was organized by the US embassy Yaounde.

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Girls Excel champions day of girl child event in Cameroon


Despite the global mobilization for girls, the international day of the girl child still goes unnoticed in many rural communities in Cameroon. In many rural communities, girls are unaware of the existence of this symbolic day and its importance in their lives and daily struggles. Thanks to Girls Excel, a new social enterprise aimed to promote quality access of sexual and reproductive health services for girls in rural areas of Cameroon, this event was highly commemorated in the North West region of Cameroon.

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