This is a long term project which aims to break the stigma surrounding sexual and reproductive health and  menstrual hygiene management by training 400 adolescent girls as peer educators in 20 rural communities in South Western Cameroon. The project will use non-formal education tools like arts, peer education and technology.

Girls Excel Club creates a safe platform where girls can freely discuss issues surrounding menstrual and reproductive health education without fear or humiliation. UNESCO estimates that 1 in 10 African girls skip school during menstruation because they lack sanitary pads.

Lack of sexual and reproductive health education contributes to the high rate of teenage pregnancy in Cameroon and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) . Aside from the health and educational disadvantages caused by the lack of SRH education, there is also socio-economic implications when girls skip school, their ability to break free from poverty is limited. Therefore, Girls Excel has already designed a comprehensive menstrual and reproductive health education guide which does not only tackle reproductive health education but also early & forced marriage, leadership skills, peer education and the art of making affordable eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads which last up to one year.

At Girls Excel, we advocate for communities that supports adolescent girls and young women with the right education that enables them make informed decisions about their lives. We have designed this comprehensive girl-centred community approach to enable girls exploit their  ability to excel in life.