This November, 2017 Ms  Delphine Konda, Mary Ntui and Magha Diana of Girls Excel represented the organization in a week long seminar in Nsewam,Ghana from the 12-19th of November. This seminar was part of an IFM-SEI project called ‘ON THE MOVE’ (OTM). This is a two year project co-funded by ERASMUS+ Program of the European Union, to assist organizations working with young people to better handle challenges faced when dealing with migration, visa and mobility. This event brought together representatives from African member organizations of the IFM-SEI

Our members had the opportunity to give a presentation of Girls Excel, where they talked about our work in promoting reproductive health and leadership education for girls in rural communities in Cameroon, our projects and what we’ve achieved so far.
The event focused on intercultural learning, youth mobility, migration in Africa and looked at the pull and push factors of migration, challenges migrants face, consequences of migration and visa acquisition challenges. It was equally established that globalization, glocalization, patriotism and radicalization should not be left out when talking about migration. Further discussions were also centred on ways to strengthen African organisations that are members of IFM-SEI known as AFRICAN FALCON MOVEMENT.

It is expected that by strengthening this network, it will become possible to better sensitise young Africans, national authorities and other institutions on migration challenges, visa acquisition challenges and ways they can ameliorate or facilitate the movement of young people across international borders underlying the fact that migration is a way of life, migration is legal and not a crime. Other aspects of the workshop included team building, and field visits to some local councils, organisations, and projects in Nsewam and Accra, Ghana. Girls Excels representatives at this event also joined their voices to that of other young Africans who participated in the seminar to condemn the disturbing information of modern day slavery being carried out in Libya.


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