Last week, within the framework of our ‘Girls Excel Mentoring’ (GEM) clubs, our volunteers had an interactive 1:45 minutes session with about 50 teenage girls of Kofele Luma Memorial Academy in Limbe, Cameroon thanks to funding from The Pollination Project. Our team and the girls had a frank and open conversation about Menstrual Hygiene Management while demystifying the taboo and shame associated with Menstrual Health.

The club activity also involved a session where both the club members and our team shared and exchanged their Menstrual health experiences/journey as well as a question and answer session. It was evident that we need to create an enabling environments at home and in school for these girls to ask honest questions about their reproductive health without being shamed. Most importantly, when parents and teachers fail to talk to teenage girls about their reproductive health, these girls turn to seek advice from their peers who usually lack the right information to give them.

At the end of the activities, the girls had many questions which were handled by our competent team of volunteers. We use this opportunity to thank the administration of Kofele Luma Memorial Academy for collaborating with us and making this project a reality in their school.

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