On the 3rd and 31st of August 2019, Girls Excel thanks to funding from the Women’s Worldwide Web (W4) carried out two  community sensitisation programs aimed at promoting access to Menstrual Hygiene and Reproductive Health to Internally Displaced and host community girls. The project was implemented in Bonaberi, Douala and Livanda community in the Littoral and South West regions  of Cameroon respectively. This project was conceived and designed as part of an innovative and strategic partnership between Girls Excel and  Europe’s leading crowd funding organisation W4 to promote access to Menstrual Hygiene Management and Reproductive Health to girls and women in conflict situations.

The project focused on adolescent girls and young women who have been rendered vulnerable by the ongoing ‘Anglophone crisis’ which has disrupted the lives of indigenes in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon leading to over 1,850 killed, about 530,000 people displaced, over 206 settlements have been raided and partially destroyed by state defence forces  during attempts to crack down on armed separatists. Looking at the prevailing situation, Girls Excel with funding from W4 has successfully reached out to over  200 girls and women in the South West and Littoral regions of Cameroon.

Specifically, the project addressed the following issues:

  • Sexual and Reproductive health in emergency especially focusing on the services available for victims of rape in conflict.
  • Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • Training on reusable pads production using materials locally found in Cameroon
  • Training on how to make menstrual bracelet using beads so that girls can better understand their menstrual cycle
  • Distribution of  over 660 Dignity Kits (Sanitary pads, soap, buckets, menstrual bracelets and reproductive health information) to the beneficiaries of the project.


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