Girls Excel is a social impact organisation that creates access to reproductive health education and menstrual hygiene education  for girls and young women in Cameroon. We exists to create communities in which the absence of reproductive health education and sanitary pads no longer hinder schoolgirls from pursuing their education. Periods do not stop because of a pandemic neither will our efforts to create access to create access to menstrual hygiene management for girls and women in Cameroon. A recent report from Menstrual Hygiene Day Global shows that;  
Women find it harder to access menstrual hygiene materials than before the pandemic
Of girls and women have less money to purchase menstrual hygine products now than before the pandemic
Of girls and women believe their countries should provide free menstrual hygiene products


All Together Against COVID-19

Promoting hand wash

As part of our COVID-19 response project, Girls Excel  distributed 10 wash hand points in schools/hospitals and communities. We also carried out community sensitisation promoting hand wash as a strategy to curb the spread of  COVID-19.
Promoting hand wash
Donation of Protective Materials to health professionals

Donation of Protective Materials to health professionals

Our COVID-19 relief efforts also includes supporting and empowering front line health professionals and hospitals with face masks, wash points and detergents.

Distribution of face-masks

Cameroon lifted its COVID-19 lockdown in June which coincided with school resumption leaving children and young people vulnerable. Girls Excel works with schools to provide disinfectants, face-masks, detergents, wash points and sensitisation. We have distributed over 1,000 masks.
Distribution of face-masks
Community sensitisation

Community sensitisation

Our door to door sensitisation also involved putting up posters in different communities in Limbe I, II and III with key prevention messages designed by W4 with the aim of reminding the community about the importance of hand washing. So far, we have  87 posters in different parts of the communities that we sensitised.


Community Centred Approach
We use a women and community centred approach when we work with communities. We see these communities as our partners in bringing lasting solutions to the challenges that girls and women experience.
Peer Education Program
Our comprehensive peer education program is designed to equip adolescent girls and young women with the tools that they need to address challenges that threaten their human rights.
Trainings on Reusable Sanitary Pads & Menstrual Bracelets
We want to ensure that no girl skips school because she of menstruation. So we train adolescent girls to make their own reusable sanitary pads and menstrual bracelet to help them understand their cycle, remain and excel in school.
Create Girls-led Clubs in schools & Communities
We create girls-led clubs in rural communities and urban slums which empowers adolescent girls and young women to replicate innovative and sustainable solutions to their peers and to create safe spaces where girls can talk freely about issues affecting their bodies and ask questions without fear or shame.
Mentoring & Support
We provide continuous support to our peer educators through on-going support, capacity building so they are equip to help themselves and their communities address the challenges that they experience. Our team serves as their biggest support system, cheering them on and horning their leadership skills and overall self esteem.
Systemic Change
We passionately believe that by working in partnership with communities, we do not only empower girls but we empower their families, teachers, religious and traditional leaders and consequently policy makers.

We are ADVOCATES of the UN Sustainable Development Goals



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