Welcome to Girls Excel. We are a social impact organisation that empowers girls and women in Cameroon 

Create a Change for Cameroonian Girls with Girls Excel

Girls Excel is a Non-profit organization dedicated to addressing Sexual and Reproductive health challenges faced by girls and young women in rural and semi-urban communities in Cameroon. Our efforts focus on providing support in areas such as Menstrual Hygiene Management, access to reusable sanitary pads, tackling teenage pregnancy, and offering comprehensive reproductive health education. Through strategic partnerships with schools, parents, communities, churches, and local councils, we aim to empower girls by providing training on comprehensive sex education, producing affordable hygienic reusable sanitary pads, and menstrual beads. At Girls Excel, we believe that empowering girls goes beyond health education. That’s why we establish girls-led clubs where these young individuals take the lead in sharing knowledge and ideas within their communities. By nurturing girls aged 13-20, we help them develop their sense of self, leadership skills, and compassion, ultimately transforming their lives. We are committed to creating a brighter future for girls in Cameroon. Together, we can make a difference.


Our Vision

Our vision is to see holistic community transformation by
investing into the lives of vulnerable girls through programs that focus on education, health, human rights and overall community

Our Mission

Girls Excel exists to support adolescent girls in Cameroon, to
maintain academic excellence by giving access to reproductive
health education and female sanitary products

Our Programs

Become a part of our community and follow the honorable path of righteous. Learn about Islam and find peace and spirituality.

Comprehensive Sexual & Reproductive Education

Providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education to adolescent girls and young women. 

Community Sensitisation

Supporting communities through door to door sensitisation and provision of emergency Dignity Kits 

Training & Capacity Building

Training girls and women to produce reusable sanitary pads using eco-friendly, cost effective materials that are easily found in Cameroon. 


Working with policy makers and decision makers to influence policy around girls education and gender equality in Cameroon. 

Our work & SDGs

Be sure to hold these pillars of Islam very close to your heart. May Allah guide you on the right path. Take a closer look at these.

No Poverty

Good Health & Wellbeing

Quality Education

Gender Equality




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